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Web & Mobile

The appearance of a website has been adjusted to the convenience that later the website users can comfortably and feel at home for transactions here


We provide services in the optimization of a social media in maintaining the stability of the account in the long term


With the DACUANDigital can increase the level of a brand in terms of promotion

What we do ?

About us

What can we do? We offer services in the form of increasing your Branding on Social Media, especially on Instagram or on Youtube. In conducting the Service transaction you do not need to provide Social Media Account Information, you only need to give us the url of your social media page.

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DACUANDigital Marketing

Hello Everyone, We will introduce DACUANDigital, DACUANDigital is a startup where you can easily increase the level of promotion or reach to enliven your brand without having to hire promotional tools from Instagram

  • Safe Information
  • Fastly, Instant Process
  • Guarantee Services
  • Topup Balance Securely
  • Available for Premium Badge
  • Morethan have 7 Servers

What we offer ?

What do we give? We provide services that are of course different from other Social Media Marketing Service providers, not only the very responsive service, namely the existence of Premium Badge for users with the most transactions and the highest Topup Balance with the Premium Badge, of course, will give discounts.

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Our Services

You can also exchange ideas with service providers if you need the services you need


We certainly adjust to the user friendly user and UI UX for convenience


You can also exchange ideas with service providers if you need the services you need

Social Media

You don't need to worry about being asked for Social media account information because that information is your right so we only need the page url address of your social media account to process account upgrades.

Event Organizer

This service is also very suitable for those of you who work as an Event Organizer, with this service you can also provide bonuses for clients who have used EO services to you.

Digital Marketing

DACUANDigital is a Digital Marketing service provider in the field of Social Media Marketing for those of you who have an online business of social media.


We provide services for users if they need help if there is a program error or difficulty in using services and others

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